1. The General Assembly: The General Assembly is a supreme body of the Interfaith Association. Its main function is to shape and discuss critical issues related to HIV and AIDS. The AGM also discusses reports from various committees of the Association and considers gaps in programs and new proposals for incoporation into the faith based response among others.

 2. Interfaith Council/ Board of Trustees: There is an Interfaith Council which comprises two religious leaders appointed from each mother body. The Council is the policy making body for the Association. Each mother body appointed one Malawi Interfaith AIDS Association (MIAA)—Brief Outline woman and one man to be a member of the Council. The Council has a Chair and Vice-Chairperson. Out of the Council, five heads of religious leaders would form Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees elect the Charperson and Deputy. The Board of Trustees bears legal authority as custodians of all the property of the Association.

 3. Executive Committee: The Executive Committee consists of the administrative heads of Mother Bodies and affiliate organizations and one person from each Mother Body and affiliate member organization. At all time, each Mother Body and affiliate organization shall have one man and one woman in the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is a supervisory body and provide oversight function responsible for all operations of the Secretariat. There is also a Chairperson and a Vice.

 4. Secretariat: The Association has a Secretariat which runs its day to day activities. The business of the Secretariat is run and managed by an Executive Director under and other employees of the Secretariat under the direct supervision of the Executive Committee.

 5. Programme Technical Committee: The Committee was set up as the main hub to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate HIV and AIDS programs within the faith community. Membership of the Committee comprises HIV and AIDS Coordinators or Managers from the Mother Bodies. Each Mother Body has assigned one male and one female officer to be on the Committee. The Programme Technical Committee is chaired by the

 6. District Interfaith AIDS Committee (DIAC): The Committee is composed of twelve (12) religious leaders at the district level that coordinate HIV and AIDS at the District and Community level within the interfaith community.