Theme 01.

— The three leading infectious diseases -HIV, TB and Malaria

To strengthen the financial base and boost MIAA’s resource envelope in response to the burden of the TB HIV co-epidemic and malaria driven by SDG 3.

Theme 02.

— Universal Health Coverage and Health Financing

To enhance the generation of financial resources in lobbying for universal health coverage and health spending in line with SDG 3

Theme 03.

— Non-communicable diseases

To invest resources in the growing chronic disease burden in response to non-communicable diseases in Malawi using faith action.

Theme 04.

— Maternal, Newborn health and family planning

To increase resources for MIAA in tackling rapid population growth, reducing maternal mortality and newborn deaths and increase in the national contraceptive prevalence through the faith community platform.

Theme 05.

— Human Rights, Gender Based Violence and Child Marriages

To mobilize resources in addressing gender-based violence and child marriages for better health and education outcomes for girls.

Theme 06.

— Institutional Sustainability

To build MIAA’s institutional capacity, staffing and long-term program sustainability.